Keep the bot alive !! Custom Hero Footies

Custom Hero Footies

If everyone donate some bucks the custom hero footies bot will stay online longer. If you want donate using another method just send me a e-mail or use Skype or Discord to talk with me.

  • E-mail:
  • Discord: dollarmix#4789 _ Skype: marcbrcx_1

We are accepting donations through BitCoin and WebMoney now.

  • BitCoin: 19dcCWfqrqd1PucgfEj6UhRKZEGvaoawV9
  • (WMZ) USD: Z032603014473
  • (WME) EUR: E610618052395
  • (WMU) UAH: U409585883763
  • (WMR) RUR: R684939130368

custom hero footies