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warcraft 3

The Frozen Throne is the official expansion pack to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, a real-time strategy PC game by Blizzard Entertainment. This game packs a huge punch, and you can expand it even more by using official and unofficial maps, for example, custom hero footies.

If you are looking for the best PC games (RPG games or Warcraft games) we have out there, Warcraft 3: The frozen throne is one that cannot be sidelined. Frozen throne, especially the custom hero footies map, has won the hearts of so many gamers.

Blizzard continues to deliver depth on the story as well as other various outstanding improvements into the Warcraft 3 series. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is a great expansion pack filled with an interesting story, new characters, new race and units and a whole lot more. It continued to add new content and depth to the campaign where you’ll engage with some of the most interesting and cool characters.


The missions are skillfully designed and offered a unique campaign that is even more engaging than the previous Warcraft game. Blizzard had included campaign missions that allowed you to command multiple armies and units that have its strengths and weaknesses in the game.

You’ll better appreciate each unit and carefully create a better strategy to finish the campaign. Some campaigns will even limit the type of units you can use.

Blizzard crafted an interesting plot with no single central character that you use all throughout the game. This makes it much more engaging and challenging at the same time. Understanding each character’s ability on a battlefield can take some time.

Not to mention pairing it with your units that compliments the character’s strengths are not going to be easy. Charming characters, fascinating game plots and a whole new storyline make this game an exciting game to play.

Characters and Environments

The Frozen Throne added three new environments that are just gorgeous. Several new units may seem a little bit weird to use because some are designed to counter another particular unit. It is best to learn where they fit better in your strategies before heading off in a huge battle.

It may be difficult in the end to control a unit that does not give you an edge on the battlefield. Especially with the addition of another hero for each side, it can be hard to control a wide variety of units in a battlefield.


Frozen Throne is a remarkably great game and offers a lot more than the original Warcraft 3 PC game. Its impressive new storyline, new characters, and units add complexity into the game. It’s a must-have series for Warcraft. However, if you want to enjoy the Warcraft III: The frozen throne, you will need to play some custom maps; custom hero footies is a very good map to start with.